We have been running Monthly Meet Ups since 2011 in a variety of formats from a casual chat down the pub to hands on workshops at Essex University and Colchester Institute.

Currently we run a regular event on the second Thursday of each month, occasionally we take breaks.

The events consists of 30 minutes networking with food and drink provided and two 30 minute talks.

Themed Events

With Digital having such a broad range we used to have multiple talks on very different topics.

Now, we try our best to theme the events on a single topic e.g. Creative, Technical, Business, so our members can choose whether to attend and don't feel obliged to sit through one talk to hear another.

Examples may include:

  • General web design and development
  • Graphic Design
  • Games and App design and development

Or even more specific topics such as:

  • JavaScript
    • React
    • Node
    • Angular
  • CMS
    • Wordpress
    • Drupal
    • Umbraco

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