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A comparison between PHP's Symfony, expressjs and nestjs and a showcase of SOLID principles and why they will make your life better as a developer.

How quickly can you secure all requests to your ExpressJS application with middleware? Luke gives us a practical demonstration of how to it.

Ally will take you through building a basic InDesign document, showing you how graphical shapes can bring a page to life.

Jamil demonstrates the difference between the old methods of designing a web page PhotoShop to the new by transitioning an existing project from to XD.

The interconnectivity of things (an environmentalists view).

We welcome local Colchester organisation Replastic who will demonstrate that circular waste economies are part of a solution to local plastic problem.

Have you looked into the licencing agreement of software you are currently using that you have purchased… or are using for free.

This will be a not-too-technical talk about the different kinds of machine learning algorithms, what they do, when to use them, the pros and cons of each.

Information related to millions of peoples identities has been intentionally or unintentionally released leaving individuals vulnerable.

Colchester Digital Planning Autumn 2018.

Keith has over 17,500 connections on LinkedIn and runs the Charity UK group with 40,000 members he provides tips on how to get LinkedIn working for you.

Karen will reflect on the changes that have taken place during her 30-year career.

We live in an age where a single tweet can wipe a £1bn of the value of a company. How can companies large and small thrive in this dynamic environment.

Following Matt Chicks talk "Digital Strategy - Beyond the Buzzwords" we have a discussion about Digital Strategy and what it means in parts of the industry

Luke is going to attempt to share his experience (read: paranoia) for software security and how he makes sure commits in his name were definitely him

Hosting at scale for pennies using Hugo and Amazon S3 with Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment as an example process

An audience participation discussion about the latest in the digital and creative industry.

This will be a dive into the web technologies that make this golden age possible, with a healthy dose of practical examples thrown in, which will attempt to demystify some of the internet buzzwords floating around our connected lives.

How to work effectively with a development team using SCRUM.

Kerry shares her experiences of convincing organisations she's worked at to put content strategy at the heart of their web projects.

Doug explains how creating copy and design hand-in-hand often leads to the best results for a website.

A good digital experience can save someone time and money, a bad one can ruin their day. But good design doesn't happen by accident - it's the result of research, data, psychology, prototyping, testing and a willingness to learn more about the world around you every day.

Exploring the most modern protocols for communicating between applications and services such as JSON-RPC, pub/sub, gRPC and comparing them to much more

A warm welcome to all attendees of Colchester Digital's first one day conference from one of the founding members of the group and what to expect today

Design Systems are so hot right now, Stu discusses the parts that make up one and offers advice to help you start or maintain your current system.

We'll look at how biometric technology can take UX testing to the next level by incorporating eye tracking, facial recognition and skin response.

Creative Director Frazer Merrick explains how Teaboy Games went from university graduates to featured app store developers in little over 6 months

Rachel explores some of the things coming to CSS Layout, including the much requested subgrid feature, plus how to get how to get involved with CSS.

Open Banking is improving our relationship with our financial data; an explosion of innovative FinTech start-ups have disrupted the consumer finance sector

Responsible Animations aims to create a mindset to help improve how you conceptualise, design and develop animations for your projects

AWS Lambda and the serverless framework with a practical example to demonstrate the ease at which you can write and deploy applications that scale.

Some top tips for getting funding for your Tech Startup

A winning Social Media Marketing Strategy for Start-Ups

Ben Green from This is Fever will be giving a short talk on the launch of the Creative Colchester Website.

EIRA stands for Enabling Innovation: Research to Application

The LFFN programme is looking for opportunities to help local bodies explore the potential to increase commercial deployment of fibre

When it comes to marketing, many tech companies fear leaving out the complexity of their offering.

When we're asked to deliver digital solutions we often fail to consider the one of the key user groups - the System Administrators and Content Editiors.

How to build a solution with a Raspberry pi, azure and powerbi so we can build an entire IoT solution in 10 lines of code or less and Azure Sphere demo

Introduction to low cost IoT hardware, sensors, actuators; edge computing / AI; use in Smart City solutions;

How to use Adobe Lightroom to make a simple catalogue of your digital images, to help you find specific images quickly.

Applications that support Adobe Camera Raw include Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, After Effects, and Bridge.

This is all about encouraging meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem — for beginners and veterans alike.

Introduction to and demonstration of GitHub

SEO isn't about trying to 'game' the algorithms. Instead, we need to understand user intent. Oli will discuss this and what really makes great content.

How implementing Schema Markup on your website can enhance and provide more real estate for your listings in the search engine results.

Unfortunately, there is no simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to this. However, there are a few ways you can find out whether Bing ads would be profitable for you

A guide to tracking AMP content and Progressive Web Apps in Google Analytics, covering what the two technologies are and how they differ.

Why having a sales process makes sense, how it benefits sales people, their leaders and what the key steps in the sales process are.

Are you a small business? Just starting out and finding that things are expensive and complicated?

When it comes to sharing technical content, clarity and context is key. How do you make sure you are sharing the right message at the right time?

Words. Images. Video. Colour. Tone. Targeting. Whether you brief, write, design, build or publish, we all play a part in how messages are conveyed.

Heydon worked closely with the BBC's accessibility team to write guidance for turning a host of patterns (GEL design system) into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Every developer has their business idea that they want to built. In this talk I want to focus on what you'll need to do to achieve your goals!

Learn how your business can leverage sentiment analysis to create content that really connects with your audience, their questions, concerns and more

91% of content gets no organic traffic from Google, how can we get more from our content marketing efforts with strategic content creation?

Tim will be looking at various types of splash screen to catch the eye and demonstrate how to create them with a live shoot and software edit.

Jamie will be explaining how to manage efficient workflow and creating striking content quickly and easily using Adobe Creative Cloud applications

Hear from Senior Researchers at ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre, on improving your data strategy and overcoming data shortages

A demonstration of Sentiment analysis using an Azure Logic App and Azure Cognitive Services

In this talk Rob looks at compelling reasons for using and contributing to Open Source, as well as making this work in a professional setting.

An introduction to, and demonstration of, Git and GitHub